About Us

What You Need to Know

The history of Bitcoin is a much-repeated tale, but what about the story of Bitcoin SuperStar? Well, there’s a little bit to go over.


Bitcoin SuperStar was founded by a group of philanthropists in 2018. They had been some of the early Bitcoin investors, the types that were interested in it for the technology, not the money. They had actually invested prior to the boom in 2017, so when that happened, the lot of them made massive returns seemingly overnight.

The group had worked together for many years at this point, not for profit but for the betterment of humanity.Over the years, they hadn’t seen anything with the kind of potential that Bitcoin had. Therefore, naturally, they used their newly gained assets to further that cause.

They set up blogs, news sites, education resources, and more for Bitcoin traders. Even as the coin faded from the public eye, they didn’t let up with their efforts. Eventually, though, Bitcoin mania died out completely, and they were left with a puzzle on their hands.

They couldn’t let an opportunity this big slip through the cracks, so how do they fight it? They sat and thought for weeks and months over this issue, coming up with plan after plan after plan. Eventually, though, they decided that they needed a trading platform.


Early Days

Hence, Bitcoin SuperStar was born. In the fledgling days of the company, they needed to recruit a team. They were some of the brightest financial minds to grace the Bitcoin landscape, but developers they were not.

Having a diverse history in business management between them, it didn’t take long to put some calls out and develop a screening list.

Round one of interviews was held, then round two, and finally, an onsite coding challenge was used to whittle the field down to the initial Bitcoin SuperStar development team.

With this newly acquired skill on display, the Bitcoin SuperStar team finally got down to work.


At this point, there had been plenty of Bitcoin trading platform already created for the public. The team didn’t want to reuse those same formulas, though. Instead, they spent a long time analyzing. They looked at what worked and what didn’t. After keeping only the important bits and scrapping the rest, it was time to start working on a system skeleton.

The UI was up first. What they had noticed was that most other trading platforms suffered from what is called information overload. This is when a source throws so much information at you at such a rapid pace that you can’t retain any of it. It commonly happens to students, but there’s no reason for it to be happening to beginner Bitcoin traders.

We decided that Bitcoin SuperStar was going to strip away all but the bare necessities from the site.

There were to be no fancy graphs, charts, figures, or anything else of that nature in the face of every user.

That information should still be there, sure, but it should be hidden away behind an easy to find button. That way, new users can get comfortable with the platform and digest the information in bunches rather than all at once.


Since then, Bitcoin SuperStar has gone on to release to massive praise. Our community is growing day by day, with countless new users signing up every single week.

We want you to be a part of that community no matter how much you already know about Bitcoin.