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Bitcoin SuperStar – Cryptocurrency Reimagined

It’s been a hot minute since Bitcoin has been in the public eye, hasn’t it? It seemed like only yesterday that you couldn’t turn on the TV without this new technological phenomenon being thrown in your face.

These days, you’re hard-pressed to find any information about it in the mainstream media at all.

Why is this? At Bitcoin SuperStar, we believe it’s because the mainstream conglomerates don’t want you knowing about Bitcoin. You see, the banks and the governments of the world have come to realize that Bitcoin presents a very real threat to the established power monopolies that hold the financial world hostage.

It gives people a very real alternative, and Big Brother doesn’t like that. As a result, any and all information and news on Bitcoin gets squashed. Bitcoin SuperStar has had enough of that.

The Bitcoin SuperStar Mission

Our goal is simple, to get Bitcoin back in front of the average citizen. We want to get cryptocurrency back in the public consciousness, and we’ve decided to do that through trading. The Bitcoin SuperStar trading platform is a reimagined version of the standard trading systems traders the world over have come to know.

We’ve readapted the preexisting aspects of the technology to make it much more beginner-friendly.

Bitcoin SuperStar Technology

Our trading bots have been upgraded from those utilized by other traders. Rather than just reading and equating numbers, our system takes trader activity into consideration.

It looks at prices and trends, and then it looks at what people are doing. It then provides you that information so you can make smarter trading decisions. By utilizing Bitcoin SuperStar technology, your time is freed up to work on enhancing your trading skills.

The History of Bitcoin

To understand where Bitcoin SuperStar has come from, you need to understand the history of Bitcoin. Bitcoin came onto the scene out of nowhere in 2009. It was developed by an unknown person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, nobody knows who these people are; it’s likely they have decided not to reveal their identity for their own personal safety.

That’s because Bitcoin, for the first time in modern history, poses a very real threat to the mainstream banking conglomerate. The world didn’t realize that initially, though. In fact, Bitcoin went under the radar for eight whole years. It was only in 2017 that things become to happen.

It all started with one single crypto trader. This trader made a sudden and large financial move into Bitcoin. The move was so large that it instantly skyrocketed the price of the coin. This caught the attention of more traders from around the world, who in turn invested themselves. This only drove the price up, even more, attracting the attention of the mainstream media.

This media coverage then attracted even more traders, and the snowball continued to build up momentum. That snowball crashed, though, and while Bitcoin recovered, it faded into obscurity.Don’t get us wrong, Bitcoin is still known throughout the world today, but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it did all those years ago. Bitcoin SuperStar believes that this is very much deliberate.

If the banks and governments are afraid of Bitcoin so much that information on it is actively suppressed, then you know it’s worth investing in.

Bitcoin FAQs

Before you invest, though, you’ve probably got a couple of questions that need answering. We get questions like this every day at Bitcoin SuperStar. To save both of us the trouble, we’ve arranged some of the most common questions down below for you to have a look at.

How is Bitcoin made?

Bitcoin is made through an independent process called mining. This creation process is what makes Bitcoin such a major threat to the banks.

Rather than a group of people deciding when and how much new Bitcoin should be made, Bitcoin is created by an automated network. This network is completely free from human influence, meaning there is no power center to Bitcoin.

There are people who call themselves Bitcoin miners. These miners donate their hardware to keeping the Bitcoin network online, and they also monitor the network themselves.

In exchange for this service, the network rewards them with new Bitcoin.

How is Bitcoin stored?

Bitcoin is code, so naturally, it’s stored on any device that can house code. These devices are dubbed Bitcoin wallets.

Any storage device can be a Bitcoin wallet from a USB to a hard drive.

There are two different classes of wallets, hot and cold. Hot wallets are always connected to the internet. Cold wallets are not. 

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